Because of higher fuel cost over the past two years, Moss is seeing a growing movement toward self-generation of steam and electrical power using low cost fuels. Coal is certainly considered to be a low cost fuel in this world of unstable and unpredictable natural gas and oil prices. Moss coal burning systems are targeting industrial steam users i.e., chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol, rendering, rubber, food processing, power generation and paper manufacturing facilities, where companies can reduce energy costs by producing their own steam and possible electricity on-site, with minimal impact to air permitting. Moss also is working closely with energy service companies that are willing to finance, build and/or operate steam and co-generation facilities. Should your facility not desire to put forth the capital to build a new low cost steam plant, Moss can put the financing, construction and operating personnel in place to remove you from the day to day operation of your existing boiler plant. Your cost savings would be tied to the cost of your current natural gas or fuel oil pricing. Moss also plans to expand its business model by establishing license and distribution agreements with foreign companies for specific industrial and commercial markets.